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Donate your car to Lighthouse of Collier and get an itemized tax deduction for its full, true value!

Donate your car, truck, boat, or other vehicle, regardless if it’s running. Your donation will provide support to Lighthouse of Collier to assist in their mission in providing services to the blind and visually impaired in Collier County.

Lighthouse of Collier, Inc. has partnered with Naples Auto Donation Center, Inc. (NADC), a 501(c) (3) non-profit and Florida licensed, bonded and insured auto dealer to process donated vehicles.

When you donate get all the following:

  • Free Pick-Up from your home or office by a professional towing company at your convenience
  • A Great Tax Deduction for the value of your vehicle.
  • Fast and Easy – no paperwork hassle; NADC provides all necessary paperwork including transfer of title, tax deductible receipt for the donor, receipt of sale to the donor and the charity as well as a 1098-C IRS form.

NADC does it all just by calling 239-692-9840. NADC is a full service auto donation center providing pick up or towing, service minor repairs, complete detailing services and sale of the donated vehicle at auction, wholesale, retail or salvage depending on vehicle value and condition. Please don’t hesitate to contact Bill Walsh, NADC @ (239) 692-9840 with any questions and let them know that you’re calling to support Lighthouse of Collier.

A State of Vision” Florida License Plate Benefits Lighthouse of Collier, Inc.

A State of Vision” Florida License Plate Benefits Lighthouse of Collier, Inc.

February 7, 2013,

This attractive orange, yellow and blue Florida license plate depicts a symbolic lighthouse with the wording: “A State of Vision.” The distinctive design and positive message has proven to be popular with Florida motorists statewide. Statewide 5,000 of these special license plates have been purchased or renewed.

When "A State of Vision” license plate is purchased or annually renewed, $25 goes to direct support services for blind and visually impaired Floridians! This is another way to support Lighthouse of Collier. Every “A State of Vision” license plate purchased or renewed in Collier County benefits Lighthouse of Collier.

“A State of Vision” license plate can be purchased at your local tag agency, County Tax Collector’s office or State Motor Vehicle office. You can purchase one anytime during the year, without waiting until the month of your birth.

Show your support for the blind and vision impaired of Collier County and get your “A State of Vision” license plate.

To order a license plate online go to:

Collier 211 is an Information and Referral Service available to all residents and visitors of Collier County by dialing 211. Visit the Collier 211 Website for more information.

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Programs & Services

Have you been recently diagnosed with macular degeneration, cataracts, tunnel vision or another eye condition? Who helps you learn how to socialize, navigate, communicate and feel safe in a sighted world? Lighthouse of Collier, Inc., offers classes to help the blind and visually impaired become independent in Collier County. Please call 239-430-3934 to sign up as seating is limited. Bringing a lunch is recommended.

Following outlines the programs and services offered by the Lighthouse of Collier.

Orientation and Mobility

Learn skills for safe independent navigation at home, work, or in the community.

Daily Living Skills

Learn skills to live independently and safely at home. Learn tactile medication labeling, cooking, money identification, and grooming. How to use check and signature guides, talking watches, using a phone, safety tips and much more.

Assistive Technology

Learn how to use assistive technology, from large print displays and Braille, to accessing Email and Internet with talking PCs.

Children’s Programs (all ages)

Monthly children's events and summer camp offer opportunities to learn. Activities include: day trips, picnics in the park, large print cards and board games. Learn about and play with magnifiers, CCTV’s, talking computers, and State of the Art computer equipment. Meet and make new friends!

Transition Program (ages 14 to 22)

Provides training skills for daily living, self advocacy, communication, assistive technology, job-seeking, orientation and mobility, and more.

Consumer Focus Group Committee

This diverse group of clients, including Art Pearson, Lyn Day, and Della Weeks, encourages you to give us your feedback and suggestions. The suggestion box is located just inside the right side of the Lighthouse of Collier entrance. So if you have any feedback or suggestions, please let us know. Thank you!

Eligibility Criteria for Programs and Services

In order to qualify for Lighthouse of Collier Programs and Services, an individual must meet the following criteria: must be diagnosed with bilateral visual impairment with a best correction which for that individual constitutes or results in a substantial impediment to their ability to live independently (or reach their maximum level of independence and integrate into their community) or the presence of a progressive bilateral eye impairment that will result in a substantial impediment to the individual's ability to live independently. A determination that the applicant requires, and may benefit from services to attain, regain, or maintain an independent outcome. The applicant has legal status as a U.S. citizen, and resides in the state of Florida. For the VR program, in addition to the above criteria, the individual must require services in order to attain, regain or maintain employment.


Barbara Perrenoud and Marilyn "Lyn" Day became friends during their independent living training at Lighthouse. Now, these ladies have started the "Hysterical Historian Committee" in which they volunteer every Wednesday to create the history books of Lighthouse of Collier. Giggling is required! Thank you Barb and Lyn!

Marilyn Day with her Letter to the Editor in Naples Daily News

Marilyn Day with her Letter to the Editor in Naples Daily News, January 11, 2012

Read Marilyn's letter plus other Testimonials.